Here To Serve You

Here To Serve You

On Campus Staff

General office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.  You may call the office at 313.881.3343 to be transferred to onsite staff or email them directly at the address listed below. 

Matthew Swiatek, Senior Pastor

Extension 1011


Jason Coplen, Associate Pastor

Extension 1012


Ed Cantrell, Worship Arts Director

Extension 1015


Renae Aldridge, Children's Ministry Director

Extension 1013


Nathaniel King, Student Ministry Director

Extension 1014


Kala Clark

Extension 1023


Lisa Rance, Office Manager

Extension 1010


Rachel Rance, Associate Creative Director

Extension 1029




Crosspointe Elders do not hold on campus office hours but are available by appointment as needed.  You may contact the office at 313.881.3343 to leave a message for the elders or email them directly at the addresses below.

Dale Ihrie, Elder



Andrew Fegan, Elder



Jim Reimer, Elder




Deacons do not hold on campus office hours but are available by email at the addresses listed below.

Rob Dice
Deacon Moderator


Kevin Carter
Deacon of Discipleship

Jim Johnson
Deacon of Finance

Shane Boon
Deacon of Human Relations


Ron Lynch
Deacon of First Impressions

Andrew Leong
Deacon of Outreach

Phil Gusmano
Deacon of Property

Ellen Bartel
Deacon of Shepherd Care

Jimmy Bickford
Deacon of Worship Arts