Ask Pastor Jason

Session #8: Binary vs Non-Binary Worldview

Posted by James Reimer on

APJ Question:

Pastor Jason, we see ongoing debate about a binary vs non-binary worldview. Most of today’s discussion focuses on gender. However, the same principles apply on paths leading to salvation, the veracity of God’s word, and the destiny of mankind. What can you share about the Bible’s teaching on “one of only two ways” in a culture that teaches otherwise?

 APJ Response:

Well, the question takes my mind right back to Genesis 3 and the Fall. The current desire for a non-binary view is really the same as how the Serpent tempted Adam and Eve, that is, “Did God really say…?” and “You shall not surely die”.

 Up until that point, for Adam and Eve, it was a question of either God said it or He didn't. There was no third way. The temptation that the Serpent presented to Eve was “there is another way, you can make your own way”.

 This is part of Satan’s game plan—and it is something that God’s people have battled ever since.

 When God shows up after the Fall, He confronted Adam and Eve because there was not a third way. It’s not like God said, “You know what? You’ve created something I didn't think about. You came up with an additional concept. We’re good here.”

 No. Rather it was, “This is right. This is wrong. You have done wrong.”

 That is played out throughout scripture. In Deuteronomy, God sets up the covenant and ordains blessings for obedience and curses for disobedience. Or Leviticus, where Nadab and Abihu brought an offering of unauthorized fire. Or in Exodus, where it may have been the intent of the people to worship God through a golden calf. Or in John, where Jesus says, “no one comes to the Father except through me”.

 The point is, there is not a middle ground, or a third way. There is God’s way—which is best, and leads to life, and man’s way, that leads to death.

 When I counsel people coming out of this “non-binary” culture, I use the term “best” a lot when it comes to lifestyle choices. I don’t use that with salvation discussions because there is only one way.

 But when I’m talking through lifestyle choices, whether it’s, “Hey, I want to live with my boyfriend” or “I want to marry this unbelieving woman”, or whatever it might be. I recognize that those relationships can be deeply rewarding, from the world’s point of view.

 Yes, God can be gracious, and lifestyle choices can even seem good, but God wants what is best. What is best is what God has said is right.

 I have found that counsel resonates with people because, when they really look in their hearts, they recognize that while something may feel rewarding, they also know that it is not best.

 With salvation, the Bible teaches clearly there is only one way. That also resonates with people. We want to know for sure. We don't want it left up to us.  If it’s non-binary, then we wonder, “well, who’s in charge?”. We know that mankind would never come up with a real solution. We know: God’s way is right—and best.