prayer at crosspointe

Crosspointe is a praying church family and offers multiple opportunities to gather together to pray. The main prayer time is Wednesday evening with complimentary Women's prayer on Tuesday and Men's prayer on Monday.  Check the calendar for additional prayer times and events.  

Crosspointe Prayer Requests

Please share your prayer and praise with us! 

Crosspointe Prayer Requests

Please take a moment to pray for your Crosspointe family. 


Pray for my Doug to regain his strength following illness.


Please pray for my sister Susie who was just this week diagnosed with breast cancer. Thank you so much.


Please pray for my friend Duane Mersino. He is older and admitted to Henry Ford Hospital for Covid. His oxygen went down to 75. It’s taking 8 liters to keep his level up. He was admitted Sunday. Please pray for his wife as well. Thankfully they are well cared for by their church Trinity Lutheran. Please pray for healing, wisdom for the medical staff. Support for his wife.


Please be praying for OCC National Collection Week and our C3 Volunteers as we prepare for this new engagement with OCC. Prayer for each shoebox, the hands that packed it, the child that receives it and the hands that process it in between.