prayer at crosspointe

Crosspointe is a praying church family and offers multiple opportunities to gather together to pray. The main prayer time is Wednesday evening with complimentary Women's prayer on Tuesday and Men's prayer on Monday.  Check the calendar for additional prayer times and events.  

Crosspointe Prayer Requests

Please share your prayer and praise with us! 

Crosspointe Prayer Requests

Please take a moment to pray for your Crosspointe family. 


Hi. I know I haven't updated in a while so here it is. I am still currently unemployed. I've been on several interviews but nothing so far. Just went on another interview today (5/6) and hoping it went well. Your continued prayers are appreciated.


Coming Retina surgery March 15. Thanks


My Grandma Marlynn Eason has passed away from ALS. Please be in prayer for my family, and especially my mother Kim.


I have a pinched nerve in my neck. I have back, shoulder, neck, arms and elbow pain as well. Hoping for healing and relief soon and that the pain goes down and the pinched nerve heals soon


I would like to ask for prayer for my sister Kathy. Serious health issue. Prayer for God's will and guidance as she navigates this journey. Thank you