Macedonia 2023

After almost one year of planning a return mission to North Macedonia, we are now in the final stages of preparation with our team of eight medical and non-medical personnel. We will be working together to serve the Roma people in two small mountainside villages. We are partnering with a ministry network called Che, which stands for Community Health Evangelism. 

CHE seamlessly integrates evangelism and discipleship with community health and development. The team will address health concerns while sharing spiritual Truth as they engage with the Roma community. 

Over the course of a week, we will be completing an intensive community health checkup to take the pulse, if you will, of the village at large to learn about their health habits and to determine the best interventions for them. Of course, we will then follow up with evangelistic outreach and to introduce them to the gospel and the love of Christ.

Different food languages, unsanitary conditions, unknown exposure to health issues, and even hazardous roads; we cannot do this without the wonderful support of Crosspointe here at home. We ask for your prayers for our health, strength, and joy to carry out this mission on your behalf. While each of our team members is contributing to their own support, would you consider giving to the dedicated Macedonia Fund online? Thank you for being a funding church as we do our small part for great impact in God's Kingdom with the forgotten Roma people of Macedonia.